Why You Should Raise Ducks As A Side Business

Why You Should Raise Ducks As A Side Business

Why is it a good idea to raise ducks than other livestock? Ducks are fast becoming a bird that is being raised by a lot of livestock farmers and households. They are now choosing to raise ducks instead of chickens because they cost less to raise than chickens, make more profits and can withstand very cold and hot weather. Their eggs also taste better than chicken eggs.

Since ducks can withstand extreme weather, some farmers don’t spend a lot of money in building them shelter. Ducks can do well with just some simple shelter that is dry.

When compared to chickens ducks eat various kind of foods and are more resistant to known diseases. They take about four months to mature which is faster than chickens as well. When raising them for profits you should raise the Pekin breed because it produces quality meat.

Why You Should Raise Ducks As A Side Business

Reports suggest that the USA raises over 20 million ducks per year. Those raising ducks for meat is much higher than those raising them for eggs. The reason for this is that raising ducks for meat cost less then raising them for eggs.

The reduce the costs of building duck houses you can use bamboo or some simple wood. To help in maintaining a disease free shelter it is important that it is kept dry. One way of doing this is by spreading peanut hulls and corn cobs in the floor of the shelter. It is also a wise idea to build the shelter next to an artificial pool or stream if you have one near your farm.

If later on you want to expand your business when raising ducks for eggs, you can keep the eggs for hatching then when the ducklings hatch you can sell them for extra profits. For the embryos to develop it takes about 28 days, and should be heated at about 95% Fahrenheit with 75 percent humidity.

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