What You Should Consider Before Raising Livestock

What You Should Consider Before Raising Livestock

Before you get into livestock for production there are lots of things to consider. There are different types of livestock to raise, some of them are alpacas, yaks, geese, chickens, cattle, rabbits, ducks, pigs, sheep and goats. Which are all cared for in different ways.

To be a successful livestock farmer you have to be sure of your goals, options and resources. Knowing what you want to accomplish before you start is one way of shaping up your farm for success.

Know Your Goals

Why are you getting into livestock farming? It is important you evaluate and identify your goals. Are you getting into livestock farming just to raise livestock and feed your family with fresh produce? You may just want to farm livestock to manage forage? Or maybe you want to raise livestock to produce your own livestock produce to sell and make some money. No matter what your reason maybe setting your goals is a vital step to take before you take on this project.

Once you have made your decision on why you want to raise livestock, the next step is to consider the land in which you will manage your livestock. Get to know the laws in your state in regarding livestock farming and property zoning. If you have large land you can be able of raise sheep, cattle, alpacas, goats, etc. But if you have some small land then consider raising ducks, geese and chickens.

Make up your mind the type of operation you will pursue. If you’ll be raising cattle, determine if you will be raising them for milk or meat production. For milk you can choose between sheep milk, goat milk or cattle milk. But if you have enough land you can just raise all of them. This also goes for chickens, geese and ducks, determine if you want to raise them for egg or meat production.

Make it point that you educate yourself on the different kinds of livestock species because choosing the the right type of breed is important. Example, if you want to raise cattle on pasture, Belted Galloway is the right cattle breed that strives best on pasture. This goes as well as other livestock, certain breeds will be better than the others.

Know Your Resources

Are the resources you have enough to begin your project? Do you have enough capital to finance your project? Do you have the facilities and equipment? To become successful in livestock farming, you have to make it a point that you have some money to invest and have enough resources.

These are just basic points to consider before you get into raising livestock. Livestock farming is very profitable when you know what you are doing. So be familiar with the livestock you want to raise, know your goals, and make it a point that you look after your livestock.

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