What is the most self sufficient livestock?

What is the most self sufficient livestock?

What is the most self sufficient livestock?

When it comes to starting a livestock farm, it’s essential to choose the right animals that are well-suited to your location and resources. Some animals require a lot of attention, space, and feed, while others are more self-sufficient and can thrive with minimal input. In this blog post, we will checkout the most self-sufficient livestock options and why they may be the best choice for your farm.


Goats are an excellent option for a self-sufficient farm and for good reason. They are incredibly hardy and adaptable animals, able to survive in a variety of climates and terrains. They are also very resourceful, able to graze on a wide range of vegetation, and even consume woody plants that other livestock can’t eat. Goats are also prolific breeders, so you can quickly build up a large herd without having to purchase new animals.


Sheep are another self-sufficient livestock option that can thrive with minimal input. They are well-suited to grazing on low-quality pastures and can even consume weeds and brush that other animals avoid. Sheep are also very hardy and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. They are also relatively low-maintenance animals, requiring little in the way of health care or special feed.


Pigs are often thought of as messy and high-maintenance animals, but they can actually be quite self-sufficient when managed properly. They are excellent foragers and can find much of their food in the form of roots, nuts, and other natural vegetation. Pigs can also be raised on low-quality pasture, making them a good choice for marginal land that isn’t suitable for other livestock. They can also be raised in wooded areas, where they can root for food and make use of the natural shelter.


Chickens are perhaps the most self-sufficient of all livestock, as they can provide both meat and eggs with minimal inputs. They are excellent foragers and can find much of their food by scratching and pecking at the ground. They also require very little in the way of housing or special feed, making them an ideal choice for small-scale farms or homesteads.


Rabbits are a lesser-known but highly self-sufficient livestock option. They are quiet and easy to raise, requiring minimal space and feed. They are also very efficient at converting feed into meat, making them an ideal choice for those looking to raise meat on a small scale.

While there are other livestock options available, these five animals are the most self-sufficient and require the least input to thrive. They are well-suited to small-scale farms and homesteads and can be raised with minimal resources.

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