Unknown Facts About Peafowl


Unknown Facts About Peafowl

Peafowl known as exotic bird in many parts of the world is native to India, Java, Assam, Burma, Siam, Ceylon and Malaya. Phoenicians are the first brought them from India to Syria and Egypt about 3,000 years ago. The Great Alexander was introduced them to Greece about 600 years later.

Peafowl is known with spectacular colors of peacocks body and tail in many parts of the world. But their meat was served to the banquets of the wealthy in Roman times. English barons offered roasted peafowl to their guests in the Middle Ages. So they spread to the world as symbols of wealth and power.

The peafowl is the common name for members of tree species of large birds of the pheasant family Phasianidae, Pavo cristatus (Indian peafowl), Pavo muticus (green peafowl) and Afropavo congoensis (Congo peafowl). It is known as a sacred bird in India and many Asian countries. They are widely produced in most zoos and ornamental gardens, because of their bright color of feather and wonderful tail. The males of peafowl have crested heads, long legs, heavy wings, and spectacular colored plumage.

Peacock have long, brilliant, tail feathers that is named train feathers and can be erected and fanned out and have iridescent, eye-like spots. For this reason, more people recognize the peacocks, not peahen. Peacocks are the largest flying birds among all the birds. This is not known so many people, just as many things are not known about these birds.

Unknown Facts About Peafowl

Morphological Features

The peafowl can be produced in many parts of the world because they have a strong structure and adaptability. It has a relatively long neck and a small head, short wings, very strong legs, high claws and average tail length. They have crown-shaped feathers on his head, expanding towards the ends and create a very beautiful image.

The peafowl has 15 known colors: Blue, green, white, purple, cameo, charcoal, opal, bronze, peach, midnight, jade, taupe, sonja’s violeta, hazel and indigo.

And they have 5 known body patterns: Barred wing, Black shoulder, Pied, White-eyed, and Silver pied.

The name of the peafowl is used for both sexes. The male is called peacock, the female is peahen and the chick is peachick. The only male peacock tail is long and spectacular. The peacock spreads its tail which contains over 200 shimmering feathers like a fan to woo the female in the mating period and is known for its beautiful tail. The tail is the same length as the female for 1-1.5 years. It continues to grow for 5-6 years and can reach 1.5 meters or more.

Peacocks are considered polygamous. A mature peacock can be mated with five peahens. Peahens must be active and healthy, have good feather quality, straight legs and toes, and clear eyes. After mating, the female starts laying eggs and sits on it for incubation. One peahen lay down about 7-10 eggs a year. Eggs are light brown colored. Hatching takes 28-30 days after the female starts to sit on the eggs.

Peafowls must be kept in rural areas, out of town. Because of their sounds are very high-pitched and disturbing. At least 25 square meters per bird is required for peafowl breeding. This area is important to prevent diseases and to take precaution fighting among birds. And the pens must be at least 2,5 meters high so that the peacock can vent its tail. The tail may be injured if there is not enough space. Wooden pens may be the best way to protect them from the cold and to live comfortably.

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