Start Today In Raising Your Own Healthy Rabbits

Start Today In Raising Your Own Healthy Rabbits

When you are a rabbit owner you get to have lots of fun, at the same time be relaxed. But again raising rabbits is not an easy job because they are fragile animals. If you know what you are doing then this won’t concern you.

Bunnies are high maintenance creatures that need a lot of affection and attention. Although they may be cuddy and cute, that doesn’t mean they are not harmful, if you dare handle them in a bad way they will smack you down. They use their back legs to beat you off since the legs are very strong.

Start Today In Raising Your Own Healthy Rabbits

So before you make the decision to raise them, below are some things you need to know:

  • Rabbits come in different sizes. There are rabbits that are small in size and are not idea for meat production. Then again there are larger ones that need bigger shelter to live in. These are the types of rabbits that are raised for the production of meat, and some farmers even breed them.
  • Did you know that rabbits are vegetarians? That means you can’t feed them meaty stuff. They like eating stuff like cabbages and carrots. To help them grow stronger and healthier, you can feed them pellets since they have good nutrients in them. To supplement their diet you can give them alfalfa as well.
  • Rabbits can be kept indoors and outdoors. When keeping them outdoors you should make it a point that you offer some protection for them. Protection can be building them some shelter with a protective fence. To build the rabbit house you can use wood or steel cages.

Raising healthy rabbits is not that difficult and can be very simple when you know what you are doing. The thing to remember is that you should give them good shelter, give them the right feed and some cuddling would do.

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