How A Livestock Farmer Can Raise Goats For Income

How A Livestock Farmer Can Raise Goats For Income


When it comes to rewarding businesses, farming goats stands up as one of them. They are two popular ways to generate profits as a goat farmer. The first way is to produce your very own goat meat and sell it to your local market or even friends.

Another way is to manage goats that produce milk. Goat milk is not only consumed but it is used to make food items such as chocolate, yogurt, cheese and even beauty products such as skin soaps, creams and lotions.

The fiber got from goats can be used to produce wool such as cashmere and mohair wool. This wool is used to make quality cloths plus bags.

How A Livestock Farmer Can Raise Goats For Income

These days individuals are searching for various ways of making money. One way of making some money is by raising goats. Bringing up goats can bring you stable income.

Keeping goats is simple when compared to raising other animals like hens and cattle. Goats will survive on their own as long as they are safe from predators and have food and water.

Thus how can you generate income in raising goats? One of the ways is to raise goats for milk. Goat milk is more nutritious when compared to cow milk and a lot of folks favour goat milk over cows milk.

It is also much easier to digest. Goat milk can be used to make beauty soap and lotions as well. You can setup a goat farm that produces milk and sell it to the local market or your neighbors.

Yet another way you can generate income is to rear goats for their meat. Producing goat meat can bring you a lot of money because goat meat is more costly then beef and chicken. When raising goats for meat it is crucial that you choose the right goat breed.

You can also keep goats to sell the wool. This kind of fiber is in high demand and is highly priced. When raising goats for wool you should take extra care your goats so to ensure they don’t damage their fur.

If you grew up in the town don’t be discouraged to keeping goats. Almost any body can start a business in raising healthy goats, the only thing that is required is the right guidelines plus dedication. Just be sure to get the right training and knowledge.

Also be sure you have some land for your goats to graze on. You should build a goat pen for your goats to call home and rest at night time. Make sure you have enough feed plus water for all of your goats. And make friends with other goat farmers who can share their encounters with you.

Choosing a Goat Type for Your Livestock Farm

It is very important that one chooses the right goat type that is suited to your project. The output plays a huge role in your return in investment and in making sure your business is productive. Below are some goat breeds that you should choose from.

1. Fiber Goats:

A common fiber supplied by goats is wool. Mohair (which is produced by Angora goats) and cashmere (produced by cashmere goats) is another profitable wool which is prized by their softness and silken texture. This kind of wool is the most expensive. If you want to produce medium class wool that is similar to that of sheep then nigora and pygora goats produce that kind.

2. Meat Goats:

If you wish to keep goats for meat then choose no other then the South African Boer goats. They are known to be meat yielding goats since they have high litter count and grow fast. The young goat meat is highly priced reason being its tender whilst older goat meats is processed into foodstuffs like salted, smoked and cured meat.

Brush, Kiko, Myotonic, Spanisha and West African Dwarf goats are other breed of goats you can raise to produce goat meat.

3. Milk Goats:

Since goat milk is known to have fewer levels of lactose, a lot of men and women prefer this milk instead of cow milk. Goat dairy may also be used in the production of buttermilk, cheese, fat free yogurt, clarified butterfat, candy and lots of beauty products.

If you’re considering keeping goats for milk then the Anglo-Nubian breed produces the highest quality goat milk. Other breeds that produce nutritious milk are Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanen and La Mancha breeds.

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