Interesting Facts About Llamas

Interesting Facts About Llamas

Whether glimpsed in the wild or viewed in your farm pasture, llamas have some striking natural beauty. They have a graceful posture and beautiful elegant wool. The wool from llamas ranges from white to black, red, brown with shades of gray, roan and red inbetween. They also have some markings ranging from spots and solid patterns.

When llamas are mature they weigh around 280 to 350 pounds. The male are larger than the females and reach full body size by the 4th year. They live long lives of around 15 to 20 years.

Interesting Facts About Llamas

Just like sheep, deers and cattle, llamas are ruminants which means they chew their cud. They don’t have any upper front teeth, have a very hard upper gum, an ingenious upper lip and lower molars in the back. When the llama gets older it developes large sharp lower and upper canines which they use for fighting. Some farmers remove these prevent injuries to other llamas from happening.

Llamas have unique specially adapted foot which helps them grip when walking in snow or sandy soil. They have two toes with broad leathery pads on the bottom and nails that are curved down in front. And have scent glands in between their toes.

How do you determine the age of your llama? Most livestock farmers when determing the age of the llama they check their front teeth. What they do is they look at the larger permanent incisors which erupt to replace the milk teeth. It takes the middle pair of incisors around 2 to 2.5 years to develop and the second pair around 3 years of age.

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