How To Raise Your Own Goslings

How To Raise Your Own Goslings

Raising your own geese is a project that can be done by almost any livestock farmer. Naturally geese are birds that take care of their young and are good setters.

Housing them doesn’t require a lot, they only need minimal housing, just to keep them dry when it’s raining and to pretect them from predators. To make the shelter more protective you should install some fence around it.

How To Raise Your Own Goslings

Geese start laying eggs in the early sprint or late winter. If you want winter eggs you should gradually increase the day light period to around 14 to 16 hours, 3 to 4 works before you want them to produce goslings.

Geese in general mate best in trios and pairs. The ganders of breeds may mate with around 4 to 5 females with no problem. The males can mate with the same female for years. So you should consider having a lot of males as much as females.

On the 1st year before breeding pairing should be made. Before you sex your goose it is best to exam it. One way of examining it by lifting it and laying it on its back over your bent knee with it’s tail pointing away from you.

You should then move the tail end out over the edge, then bend it downward. The insert your finger into the cloacae about 1/2 an inch, then with circular movements you should move it around several times to relax and enlarge the sphincter muscle.

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