How To Build A Horse Barn On A Budget

How To Build A Horse Barn On A Budget

Buildings and fences for horses should be adequate but need not be elaborate. Feeding and watering equipment should be provided in each horse stall.

A horse barn should:

• Protect the horse from rain, snow, sun, and wind.
• Be well ventilated.
• Be warm in winter and cool in summer.
• Have storage space for feed, bedding, and tack.
• Be located so rain water will drain away from the barn.
• Have a dry floor and plenty of clean bedding in each stall.

Select bedding material by availability and price, absorptive capacity, and potential value as a fertilizer. Bedding should not be dusty, too coarse, or too easily kicked aside.

Cereal grain straw or wood shavings generally make the best bedding. A minimum daily allowance is 10 to 15 pounds per animal.

One or two riding horses can be stabled in a barn with other animals if a separate horse barn is not practical. Prefabricated horse barns are available or you can buy materials and build your own.

A horse barn design is shown on this page. For working drawings of this horse barn, ask your county agricultural agent or the extension agricultural engineer at your State agricultural college.

How To Build A Horse Barn On A Budget

There is usually a small charge.

A corral, paddock, or pasture should be provided near the horse barn. A large pasture may be fenced with woven wire. If woven wire is used, the mesh should be small enough so the horse cannot get his foot through it. A corral, paddock, or small pasture should be fenced with heavy lumber or heavy metal fencing. Some metal fences in common use are made of steel pipe, aluminum, iron, chain link, or cable.

Grooming A Horse

Proper grooming cleans the hair, keeps the skin in good condition, and helps prevent skin diseases and parasites. Routine grooming usually consists of cleaning and brushing the hair with a brush, comb, and grooming cloth.

Grooming should be rapid and vigorous but not so rough that it hurts the horse or upsets him, Horses that are kept in stables or small corrals should be groomed thoroughly at least once daily.

Those that are worked or exercised should be groomed immediately before and after the work or exercise.

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