How Much Do Peacocks Eat A Day

How Much Do Peacocks Eat A Day

Peafowl are omnivorous, consumes insects and vegetation in nature. Popular foods are plant parts, flower petals, seed heads, insects and other arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians.

They find and consume the food they need in the natural environment. In captivity peafowl are usually fed a supplemented feed by their caretaker. The young peafowl are needs balanced feed ration including adequate vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids.

How Much Do Peacocks Eat A Day

Turkey rations are perfect feed for peafowl, because their physiology is similar to young turkeys. They can be fed for 4 months with starter (28% protein) and grower feed. The last growth feed (14% protein) can be continued until 1 year of age and can be used for adults. Young peacock can be fed with millet or mixed small grains.

Whole meal cereals can be fed when grown, but only cereals are insufficient for them and need to be fed regularly with vegetables, leaves and grasses that are available in their natural habitats. Peafowls love insects and consume them to meet their protein needs.

However, if there are not enough insects, it is necessary to provide a protein supplement that is meat-based feed such as cat food. In addition, their diet should include vitamin and mineral supplements should also be done when needed. Water must have always ready.

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