How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Goats

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Goats

Remember all goats must have fresh water whenever they need it.

Feeding sick goats

• Feed goats well when ill as good feeding will give strength;
• small, weak, young and sick goats should be fed separately; and
• follow the best way to feed goats carefully and handle gently.

Feeding mature goats

Mature goats hould be fed on whatever feed there is – enough to keep well and keep the animals weight.

Feeding the buck

• Feeding should be enough to keep its weight steady but not too fat as a fat buck will not be active.
• Give more feed two months before the buck has to serve the does as this will improve the bucks’ sperm and make it more active.
• When a buck is being used a lot to serve does, it should be separated from other goats for about 2-3 hours per day. This will allow it time to eat as well as serve the does.
• Lots of fresh and clean water needed all the time.
• Must be able to lick the mineral lick at any time.

Feeding does

• Concentrates should be fed to does just before the does are served by the buck;
• increase feed gradually for two months up until the doe gives birth; and
• Continue feeding concentrate while she is giving milk.

The doe needs careful feeding in order to:

• keep its normal weight up;
• be fertile when served so as to get twins (Flushing);
• carry the kid while it is pregnant;
• give milk to its kids; and
• give extra milk for farmers’ use.

Feeding the breeding and lactating doe

• One month before mating the doe should be fed and watered very well so as she is in the best of health.
• If she is very well she is more likely to have twins or even triplets
• Mineral licks hasten coming on heat
• Give lots of water at all times

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Goats

Feeding during pregnancy

During the first three months of pregnancy, the goats need to be fed as normal and to be sure that she is healthy. During the last two months of pregnancy

• the goat must be fed well with high quality feed;
• the “ fetus” or kid inside does nearly all it’s growing in this period; and
• there may be twins or triplets and they will need lots of good food to grow.

Feeding kids

During the first three month:

• newborn kids should suck colostrum within 24 hours and then should be with the doe and allowed as much as they need;
• at one week, kids should be provided with small quantities of good clean feed e. g . sweet potato vines, tree legumes leaves or natural tree leaves; and
• kids should continue with milk for the first three weeks, and thereafter be allowed milk with fresh mixed fodder up to three to four months.

Feeding young stock

• Should be fed on fresh, highly nutritious mixed fodder;
• give lots of water at all times;
• provide lots of water; and
• mineral blocks must be given at this stage.

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