Horse Riding Equipment For Beginners

Horse Riding Equipment For Beginners

Each horse should have his own bridle, halter, and saddle that are adjusted to fit. These and other items of equipment for horses are called “tack.” You should buy good quality tack because it fits and looks better and lasts longer than cheaper equipment. When properly cared for, riding equipment will last for years.

You should clean it every time you use it if you have time. If not, you should clean certain parts after each use and all of it once a week.

After each use, clean the under it if you have time. If not, you should clean certain parts after each use and all of it once a week.

Proper cleaning will

• Extend the life of the leather and metal.
• Keep the leather soft and pliable.
• Lessen the likelihood of saddle and harness sores and other infections.
• Assure that defects in equipment are noticed so they can be repaired before they cause injury to the rider or the horse.

Bridles, Bits, and Hackamores

Bridles are either single or double. A single bridle has one bit, but a double bridle ordinarily has both a snaffle and a curb bit, two headstalls, and two pairs of reins.

Only one rein is used on western bridles. A hackamore is a halter, similar to a bridle, but it has no bit.

Horse Riding Equipment For Beginners


English and western saddles are the two most common types, with many different styles of each.

The English saddle is light weight and has a flat seat. It can be modified for use in pleasure riding, training, racing, jumping, or polo. A saddle blanket usually is not necessary with an English saddle.

The western saddle is the one commonly used by cowboys and western stockmen. It is very popular among amateur horsemen. A western saddle provides comfort for all-day riding and enough strength to stand up under the strain of calf roping. The average western saddle weighs 35 to 40 pounds.

Riding Clothes

In general, riding clothes seldom change in style and are made for comfort and long wear. Pegtop breeches, for example, are designed to give plenty of seat room.

Close fitting legs prevent wrinkles that might cause chafing. The chamois leather lining inside the knees and calves prevents the stirrup leathers from pinching the legs and increases the firmness of the leg grip on the horse.


Three common types of driving bits, (A) Liverpool bit: a curb bit used on heavy harness horses; (B) Bar bit; a bit used on trotting harness horses that carry check reins and are driven with a strong hand; (C) Half-cheek snaffle bit: a bit used on harness race horse of roadsters, and fine harness horses.

Different kinds of activities, such as showing, hunting, or polo, call for different kinds of riding clothes. Before you enter an organized activity, you should find out if special clothes are required.

An experienced participant in the activity can advise you on proper clothing for the occasion.

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