Getting Started In Pig Farming For Profit

Getting Started In Pig Farming For Profit

When done the right way raising pigs can surely be rewarding and bring some passive profits. But when starting out it is very important that you know what you are doing because beginner pig farmers can fall into making some mistakes. To avoid making costly mistakes you should get some guidelines on raising healthy pigs.

The first thing to do when starting out in raising pigs is to plan on where to build your pig house. When constructing a pig house you should make it spacious so to allow some good ventilation. The house should be built on a flat place that is free from mud that attracts insects.

If you have a lot of pigs then the pen you build should be large enough to accommodate all your swine and should be fenced. Make it to be comfortable by installing hog wire and concrete slabs. And to avoid the pigs digging under the fence you should build it to be six inches deep under.

Getting Started In Pig Farming For Profit

Pig odor can have a bad smell if not managed. To help absorb the odor you can put some straws and hay on the pen floor. When designing the pen you should make sections where your swine can eat, relieve themselves and sleep. And to help protect them against extreme weather you should make it a point that the roof is of good quality.

Once the shelter is built it is now time to choose the type of breed you want for your project. When doing this make it a point that you purchase your swine from a seller with good reputation, who knows what is quality pigs.

When your pigs have arrived and are resting in their house, all you have to do now is take care of them by providing them with nutritious food and clean drinking water everyday. Also make it a point that you clean the pen every once in a while so to destroy any bacteria that may be forming. Remember the more healthy your pigs are the better quality meat they will produce.

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