How To Start A Cattle Ranch With No Money

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It’s a beautiful sight poke this man has quit his corporate job to come home to the farm and work with his family in this video we’re going to show you the three steps to do this yourself whoa fuck did this go by how he gets excited as a teenager working with that on the farm time for us to leave the White House on the hill

we’re scheduled to go to Rome Stokes well a farm that makes round sticks pasture raised pork jerky but we’re going to go on a detour on the way over here we happen upon this amazing farm it wasn’t in the plan it wasn’t on the tour but it turned out absolutely incredible what we had found out about that farm is that they farmed just like Joel Salatin so that was the angle of my story he was going to be the poster child of Joel Salatin

finally a poster child for Joel Salatin somebody who’s going to do is exactly like he does because why ran Bennett if it works Joel’s been doing it for 40 years why do anything different it’s a model that works not long after being there I realized there’s more to the story than just systems than just poultry then just pastured poultry pen and chickens following cow one here I totally quit his job to start farming and to you’ve gotten his entire family on board those boys did you see those boys that’s like now I know power of it I think we really figured they’re getting the guy look at two smiling burger who

gets paid more yeah they were totally excited about farming and they were older boys and they were teenage boys aren’t these supposed to be the terrible years yet here these boys were helping is dead we got more of a story to uncover that’s for sure before we go we got to say goodbye to our friends White House on the hill everybody say yeah bye thank you guys you’ve been great hosts it was cool to spend a 4th of July with you thank you so much for coming you have a great we’re good lucky YouTube channel thank you for being here thanks for your time

we love you guys have you cared we have arrived we have thought of many more questions many questions unanswered I had a feeling we just scratched the surface with David now we’re going to get a little bit deeper and help many many many people who are in the same spot where maybe they want to get out of their job and maybe one day they want to come home with the fame and I would love to see nothing more than you guys do that so let’s go get some of those secrets y’all plan anything won’t you Oh looks like somebody’s got their lawn nice and neat how’s it going

buddy thanks for having us back thank you for coming I didn’t really still mad they didn’t get that who’s mad families method Eve your family is gone when they coming back tomorrow they’re coming back tomorrow we’re going to miss some mom comes home tomorrow yeah dad I can tell she’s coming home tomorrow yes how are you looking at the remember a little bit yes he’s got it all mode good the inspectors coming buddy that’s right you can eat the gardens no yeah yeah that’s just great that’s very totally back and get us caught that guy okay that’s a passenger van so

how many of them are you there are 12 of us okay my wife and I Kim David I feel like when we were here last that we didn’t know where we get into okay and when I came here I knew that you were modeling salads so my story in my head was got that you’re the poster child yourselves and finally and I was relieved to see that then when we got here I scratched the surface a

little bit and found out what the story really was and it was that one that you were able to quit your job I started working with his family and to that you weren’t having to seem like forcefully work with your family but it seemed like everybody was on board yeah so I’m gonna get deeper into that okay do you have like a tasks or a chore or something that needs to be done that maybe we could won’t work and talk yeah we can’t we’ve had some

fencing to repair okay on the take and does that not take that doesn’t take a lot of brain space no okay no so you can talk and work at the same time yes guy if you talk scared infamous probably what you would rather do anyway yeah okay so i mike jones are done kill two birds with one stone yeah let’s make garden though we didn’t even speak to that but that’s part of it i’m sure right like being able to quit your job and be at the farm is being able to grow most your own

food yes yeah yes a you know add to meet up yesterday somebody came up to me and said it’s because of you we have lands and I’m going to saying that to brag on myself or whatever we were inspiring them but we’re going to inspire people just so you know good somebody or somebodies is going to quit their job and start farming with their family because of you why that’s great that’s great okay so I can’t think of anything better than that right like it gives me chills better

I mean it’s exciting to do it ourselves but you want to complete your joy by sharing that right absolutely okay good look at a smile look at this no yeah you know I want to know your secret how to get these behaviors this is it right next to pop come on kids come on guys let’s go okay guys let’s go in the pig fences where I get some some wire ripple we use ripples they’re fantastic for mending fence yes pulling high sensor wire cool

I’m a glutton involved wire we just use you tie pencil the herbal tool no okay we got these from Greg Beauty decide yeah the group wills yeah okay cool okay is that it so we need a little bit of wire some grifoll and some grifoll tool what are you doing man making it’s making a penny hockey board for each project okay a hockey Boyle woodworking what I do and I’m not farming cool so far I’d a would record by night let’s go let’s go get that stick he’s nice no shame in them so they’re setting up this area for a pig paddock the pigs are in the barn they’re going to

bring them out here so they got to put up the fence how many strands of wire you’re going to put up here just two two strands of wire it’s going to be electrifying they’re going to kill this up form or should we say plow the pigs ticket to Chile’s pick the flowers they’re going to plow this up and then plant pumpkins move the pigs on over and looks like they got a lot of work to do over there how did you market yourself so quickly we didn’t because people are going to want to know where do I go how do I sell it right we started just doing a couple

hundred chickens and selling to friends and family getting feedback from them okay so important to make sure the world progress with good quality well is not what they’re really going to cost enough so I need to know what my cost are in before start selling some stuff we didn’t start markets and our farmers market until year four we were really really worried about making sure we had enough product we didn’t want to go to a farmers market and run out of product yeah there’s nothing worse than that we started with drop off the homes and that went really well did you tell your

friends and family know this now we now we did a home drop off to a to Lee’s Summit Missouri okay how did you so first you call in friends and family you’re just looking in your phone and you’re just going down the list yep and then now you’re going to have this home drop off roof how did you get this customer you know it just through other people telling people about us so friends and family started talking you know telling people about the products they’ve

been getting it from us this is great we’re just going to put this joke at work slide this on there it’s going to grip that ni there and just pull it tight slide it back in Wow pull aside all right that’s not basic marketing here folks selling the chickens and the product of friends and family I mean if you can’t sell it to the friends and family you’re going to have a hard time selling it anywhere going down the black book and the phone or wherever and then just rely on the word of mouth to get it going and of course there’s always markets is there anything you wish you would have added to our time together the other

day I mean was there anything after I left I wished I would have said that yeah lots of things no that’s a lutely there’s there’s all kinds of things just seeing the comments like people just have to start somewhere yeah start growing it for yourselves and then for your relatives and your friends and then it’s just going to go from there go slow where you are in rural Missouri but you are only an hour from Kansas City we’re an hour until you it is worth it it is financially worth it for you to go to the market in Kansas City is that fair absolutely would it be worth it if you were two hours away yeah

it was totally worth it we just um just to have it to have to drive a lot further alright let’s straighten it up buddy tighten it up what was your life like before farming or go my goal was money toys and what well it was about me what I did with my life hunting fishing very selfish though very selfish life what happened was there a point where that changed you’re both named for money and pleasure – something different yeah I mean I just made some mistakes in my life that I look back and man I’ve got I’ve got to change who I am and who I serve that’s when I looked at farming something to do with my

family found Selatan and just we went from there if you were going to quit your job and go into factory farming traditional conventional farming he would go into hops and you were going to do chickens you’ve got to do $100,000 and hundred thousand dollars of dad’s $of ice okay so you go the fountain model and all of a sudden what was your startup cost 2000 estimate Oh started small so I guess it was $700 starting up far for six to seven hundred dollars are you kidding me and then that being mobile – so literally you could have done that on borrowed land we unplugged our brooder

lamps and we we put our chicken tractors on a trailer and haul them over and that was it and you know deep freezers which we already personally had there’s more work with the Salatin model you’re going to move the animals everyday but you’re also going to increase the productivity of your land and the other way tractors and big buildings and infrastructures permanent and very expensive oh we don’t have a tractor we borrow a tractor from you to do some

work you test anybody yep is it on working son right now how’d you go about to transition then did you save up money or did you keep working you’re going to change that Joel Salatin would call it yeah you keep your golden chains while you did this part-time till you knew this was going to go or do you save up money we’ll started again so this was so little to get started yeah I mean look except $600 and then as it grew we’ve never had to go get a loan for things we definitely

borrowed friends families money because they were so excited I was doing let’s go got it we can move those into a point where you can’t do both you know okay you can’t do both so you worked on the farm business until you’re lying it’s growing so much as you get more poultry pens I think it I need to get deck Wiener get thick because the demands there and now the demands

there as well as I’m not going to be able to grow my business unless I’m working on my business look out for somebody else okay did you have a safe would you finally quit the gold chain no I think everybody reckon you’re going to say yeah okay no so that’s it better better for you guys okay now I have to have a savings we had put everything at that point we had put so much in the farm with walk-in freezers and chickens crates and infrastructure building guy redoing barns and such so we’re here now we’re not usable we had oh gosh the old bruiser that we use them

without here there was some point before rats networking it looks like maybe maybe he didn’t turn it off one time I hate losing trust me buddy what happened did you turn it on dear old dad huh have you done that before I have honey it is shocking they’re all bad news and dad’s been watching you watching you I can’t believe I grabbed that without first next up we’re going to see the Ducks move was your wife on board with this crazy plan all along yes she was okay that’s handy well what would you say to somebody if maybe their spouse wasn’t whether it’s the man or the woman that’s

not on board yeah it’s a tough question I would you know there’s a husband-wife house being unity on this you know just the change of life your you know how you spend your money is so important because if this does as it grows you’ve got to continue to put a lot of money back into it to grow we’ve got to be on the same page the CII and see the vision for the family what did your parents and your friends and family think did they just think you were nuts I mean you’re going to

quit chick-fil-a you’re going to quit the steady job to be a farmer oh yeah yes I know he doesn’t matter if you show them Joel Collins video that’s right let them read the book they still think you’re crazy are you still crazy in their eyes for you later oh well one their heart loved it all say also love the figures they get there you just wait it out again thank your nuts after they get some of that food that’s right all right whoa God wait a motorbike you what are they telling you they’re

ready to may want new muscles are saying yet they wanted me solve our dream is a salad bar Lily let’s get them some salad bar okay wait a minute they’re going to get out yes yeah I got another problem no normally I come out here moving by myself so they’re used to getting out and you can they get out you wander in the fence I’m you defense and then we just walk them back in they don’t go far though say will save our day okay I’m going to take your word for it see guys you

think he’s going to get them back in a new phone you think they’re going to roll all data you can welcome Todd you can or doesn’t form or whatever what are some steps people need to take if they want to do this themselves okay you know start small in your backyard right on your food for your family and then go see a go find another farmer in your area that will talk to you I have no problem sharing what we do how we do it yeah we’re a market is where we sell there’s enough you in the way

I think I am come on enough there’s enough demand out there for all of us to share so we’re very open about what we do and how we’ve done it go talk to them find one that has some knowledge that you look why one that’s doing a good job yeah and see what you can learn from them glean that information off of them and how they can help we’ve helped two or three farms around here start and their direct competition to me but again I love seeing fathers that are willing

what have a desire to to stop leaving their families during the day and starting a farm step number one is to begin growing food because you may not even be doing that first of all you find out what you really like by group by growing different things and then you kind of find something that you think you want and then you can find another farmer I would say that he does that step number two absolutely may be in there you’re reading books absolutely hopefully on that step number

one you’re reading like how to grow you know how to grow more vegetable in that book or fill thousands now that bar beef you know if you’re thinking about cattle or something like that like some of this how-to stuff you’re starting to grow something then you grow then you’re go talk to somebody that is growing what you think you want to do yes now you want to do ya get you’ll go in that information for your area how are they growing what’s the grass is like cattle and chickens

were they getting the feet from we are strictly non-gmo we drive two and a half hours to get our feet every other week and then now go to your friends and family start selling to them it’ll grow because the demand is there I would say that would be the third step is pretty much you’re growing this stuff on the side and you’re pretty much working yourself out of that first job you’ve gotten so busy with it because the demand is growing you’ve run out of the farmer

how to market and things like that we can’t come all up right here and it’s pretty different space in your area where you are you near the TV are you away from the city what are the different demands and wants of that place those are three really good practices thank you so much David okay what’s your name young man I’m Reese okay Reese how does your dad get you excited about going on the farm he doesn’t okay well why are you excited to be on the farm just being out here with really God’s creation and how cool it is and really when you first come out here you

have a package so dad has pretty much just exposed you to this giving you access to this and you run with it now I also think that this is your operations site you make the money off of this yes okay you paid you paid add something for fee yes he helps he pass the food he’s put together these infrastructure so go ahead no they bought the docks to see they’ve gone on to work short yep you can use our land and that’s thing that you see nice this is some picked it up forget dragging it you gonna pick that up yeah I did earth Jam right there guys this is the duck feature they usually

go to the mulberry tree they’re still bull berries on it they’re just about done but something they really like the mulberry see when you go open the tree while they’re under it take the branch they all fall and go crazy with us they love them where the ducks will come to the mulberry tree and you’ll find it up come on guys you go help them heard the duck see how they’re going up behind them come on let’s go up we get behind them Hey yeah they right there live and you can help okay so thanks I went back with my buddies I’m not back with my buddy and he found the toys I see you

found I see you found your favorite part of America Carter what’s going on over here don’t be tearing them up now go boy get in I’m done good job good job okay David one more last question buddy yes before we go personally and for everybody here I’ve got kids I want them to be involved in the farm and the business now but also we may grow up mm-hmm and it seems like you’ve been able to do that with at least these two and probably some more of the rest what is the big secret well the world shows us something different we raise our children at home our

children are around us as parents and as well as our community that we belong to we want them to be adults at a young age that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun they’re out here playing playing basketball enjoying the toys but at a time they’re going to have responsibilities there’s a time we’re going to introduce them to chores on the farm and slowly work with them they’re going to want to work with mom and dad mmm now there’s attention spans well it’s smaller gradually drowsy work on that we’re going to give them some responsibilities we’re going to find something

they like mm-hmm and give them that responsibility is something to joy it’s gonna bring it’s going to build that character we can build the responsibility discipline in their life and you know my young men at 13 is a young man because yeah he is mature he can go out and he can talk to people we go from children and and we want to be young men and a responsible dedicated to their life have an idea what they want to do they have they have gifts and we’re going to encourage in that we’re going to mold that and the character is so important their education we teach them to read we teach them math and we allow them to just blossom through that so we’re using every minute that

we can as parents to mold them into what God wants innovation thank you so much for having us again hopefully we’ve dug deep with this guy but please encourage you guys if you’re in that spot where you just want to get home with the family sustainable farming is a valid opportunity it is and don’t make it don’t make it hard make it easy fall silence until you figure out and have success then you can convince your office yeah this is simple we’re talking about starting part-time $600 investment you can do that yes you can just wrapped up my time with

David what a blessing good news now good news his whole family had been in Florida on vacation they were planning on coming tomorrow afternoon so we’re going to just miss them but they’re going to push through and drive through tonight they’ll be here by the time we used to wake up in the morning so we’re going to get to see the family this amazing family

all together we’re definitely going to have to put that in tomorrow’s vlog one more thing if you want the nitty gritty on how to quit your job and start farming I created a member video just for that for those you want to geek out really go down that path for you members make sure you check it out and for those of you who aren’t members check out the info down in the description see you there.

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