Cow Farming Tips For Raising Cattle On Pasture

Cow Farming Tips For Raising Cattle On Pasture

There are various animals a beginner livestock farmer can choose from when starting out in raising livestock for profits. But one that stands out of the rest is cattle.

Livestock farmers can raise cattle for different reasons, some may want to raise cattle for the production of milk, and where else others may want to raise cattle for meat production. Either reason one may have to raising cows the bottom line is that cattle farming is profitable when done right.

Below are some tips to raising your very own productive cattle on pasture:

  • Pastures play a very big role in soil conservation crops, they protect the soil from degradation, treating it as a living eco-system, as such reducing the chances of soil erosion. Green pastures with cattle grazing them is the shortest route to prosperity.
  • A livestock farm cannot be weared out in grass. The more it’s used the better it becomes.
  • If you have to restore a worn out livestock farm, one way of doing it is by maintaining the number of cattle that the available forages will handle. The only time you may increase your herd is if the forage quality and quantity permits.
  • When starting out in cattle farming, it is very essential that you plan your pastures. Get a soil map of the location of your farm and determine the trace elements plus minerals that maybe lacking by performing a soil contamination test. Once you have figured that out, you can then apply the sufficient fertilizer, elements and minerals to acquire the required results needed for the type of soil and climate.
  • One mistake I see a lot of livestock farmers do is trying to produce pastures on land (soil) that is poor without the use of fertilizer. This is not a good way to go because you may regret it in the long run.
  • In order to keep green pastures, a farmer should have good management. Don’t just fertilize and seed a pasture, you should manage it to get good return in investment.
  • One way of managing your pasture is to mow it. The advantages of mowing are that it gets rid off brush and weeds, it clips the plants that the cattle don’t eat, and then make hay from the extra good grass and legumes.
  • Ways to accelerate the learning process when raising cattle:
Cow Farming Tips For Raising Cattle On Pasture

1) You should work with the livestock on your farm, so you can gain some experience in managing them.

2) Make contact with your animal husbandry department, club agent, extension livestock specialist, county agent or even your agriculture teacher to get some tips on how to go on in managing your livestock.

3) Make friends with other successful beef farmers in your area so you can discuss issues that are known when raising cattle, and how to deal with them.

4) Get your hands on some livestock journals and homestead magazines that will give you tips on raising and managing livestock. Select and study the guidelines that can be applied in your farm.

  • When planning to buy commercial cattle the best time of buying them is in the fall. The reason being cattle are much cheaper at this time of the year since a lot of farmers are selling them at this time of the year.
  • If you on a tight budget it may be wise to start on grade cows. These are the type of cattle that are breed up through high-quality bulls. When starting out with grades you don’t need that much capital, if you make mistakes they will be less costly and less experience is required for them to grow healthy.
  • Dealing with cattle requires a livestock farmer to be calm at all times and don’t rush or fight with them especially when you are hauling or loading them. The reason why some cows or bulls are unruly is because no one gives them good kind treatment. Just treat them like how you should like to be treated.
  • When transporting your livestock on a trailer, to making good footing you can add several inches of sand. And in the summer months when it gets too hot you can wet the sand which can help keep the cattle cool.
  • Although cattle can withstand hot and cold weather it is essential that you build some shelter for them. Some farmers say that cattle left with to pasture during the winter produce better grains when compared to those housed in livestock barns. To get the best of both worlds a farmer should build sheds that can be open on one side, so if the cattle want some shelter it can get in the shed, on the other hand if it wants to graze then it can go out in the pasture.
  • Breeding heifers requires a livestock farmer to follow some guidelines, which are, not to breed them weighing less than seven hundred pounds and before 15 months of age.
  • Choosing a beef cow, a farmer should have size in mind. You don’t want very small or big rangy cows. You should pick one which is medium in size and weighs about 900 to 1200 pounds.
  • If you have some poor producing cows it is better to get rid of them sooner and later. The reason being it’s going to cost you more in taking care of a poor cow. Try to invest your feed and labor on only good healthy cattle.
  • The ranging of calf crops should be around 80-90%. Farmers shouldn’t be satisfied with a percentage below 90% calf crop, The average should be between 90 to 100%.
  • When looking for replacement cows it is wise to raise your own. When raising them on your own you can be able to monitor their health, age, type, uniformity and the production.
  • To start off in growing healthy cows it is best to start with a “three-in-one” package of a 2-to-5 year old bred cow. It should be bought by private treaty from a well known livestock producer. They are worth the investment.

Now that you’ve decided to raise livestock in your farm, hope raising cattle on pasture will bring you some good returns in investment. Beef cattle when raised right will surely bring you some steady income for years to come.

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