Can You Make Money Raising Pheasants?

Can You Make Money Raising Pheasants?

One of the most practical ways to get started is to begin with a flock of 200 pheasants and use existing facilities when feasible. A production unit of this size allows you to learn the necessary production and marketing skills without making a large investment. Investment costs are limited to water troughs, feeders, a heat source, a flight pen, and a brooder house.

Can You Make Money Raising Pheasants?


As with any business, pheasant producers need to research markets before starting production. There are four major markets for pheasants: hunting preserves, gourmet food markets (mostly restaurants), private individuals who buy live birds for custom slaughter, and individuals who want to restock birds in the wild. At present, there are approximately 20 commercially regulated and 200 privately operated hunting preserves in Pennsylvania. Their names and addresses can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Since very little information is available about other markets, using them requires time, research, and development.

Disease Management

Because of the industry’s limited size, few medications have been approved for use in pheasant production. Biosecurity and sanitation are necessary to prevent the outbreak of disease. Biosecurity involves isolating separate age-groups of birds, restricting all human access to the buildings, keeping the buildings clean, and properly disposing of dead birds. Isolate all birds entering the flock for one month prior to contact with other birds to prevent the introduction of disease organisms.

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