The Benefits Of Raising Ostrich

The Benefits Of Raising Ostrich

The nice thing about livestock farming is that you can raise various types of livestock which can bring you some good profits. One of the livestock that a lot of farmers over look when it comes to profits is ostrich.

Ostrich is a bird that is not raised by a lot of livestock farmers. The reasons for this may vary, with some thinking it’s difficult to raise them, whilst others plan out think they wouldn’t profit from raising them. But whatever the reason, raising ostrich is very profitable with a very few farmers supplying the in demand market.

The industry of ostrich farming is getting a lot of attention lately as some farmers are beginning to see the potential of raising them. If you one of those farmers, get to know the reasons and considerations to ponder before you get started in this industry.

Getting Started With Ostrich Farming

To get started out in raising ostrich a farmer requires to have some land. The size of the land depends on the amount and size of the livestock you want to raise. The nice thing about raising ostrich is that they don’t require that much acreage like cattle which require large grazing land. Just raising a pair of ostrich for breeding requires about 1/3 of an acre of land.

If you want a bird that breeds more regularly then get yourself a pair of ostrich. They also breed earlier than cattle. It takes about two years for a female ostrich of start laying some eggs. And are capable of laying around 30 to 90 eggs in a single year.

Profitable Ostrich Produce

A lot of farmers when getting into ostrich farming are raising them for their meat. Ostrich meat is a much healthier choice in stores and butcheries when it comes to the red meat category.

Why is it a better choice? Because it helps in the prevention of heart diseases and high blood pressure since it’s extremely low in cholesterol and fat. It also tastes a lot similar to beef. The meat can be sold to both meat distributors and restaurants.

Now one thing that a lot of livestock farmers don’t know is that you can raise ostrich for other reasons than its meat. Every part of the slaughtered ostrich is of benefit and you can make some extra profits with them.

Unlike chickens, ostrich feathers have some useful use. They can be sold in the fashion industry in which they are used in the making of beautiful fans, boas and other colourful items. The automobile industry also uses ostrich feathers, they are used in the final stages when painting new automobiles.

Its quiet rare to have any bird’s skin being sought after, but ostrich leather is very much in demand. It is used in the creation of high quality cloths, purses, belts and wallets. These items are sold in exquisite malls around the world and cost a lot.

You can also profit from ostrich feet. The feet are grained into very fine dust and then sold to folks in the far east as aphrodisiac. This alone can bring you some good profits.

The eyes of ostrich are also of good use. They are used by research doctors when doing their research about human eyes. You as an ostrich farmer can sell their eyes as well after you have slaughtered.

Their eggs are uniquely large which are great for decorations. A lot of decorators that use ostrich eggs will paint them in different colours.

With the internet being available to a lot of people, it makes it much easier for livestock farmers to keep contact with other farmers. Not only that, the internet is used by people who want to buy eggs, chicks and equipment needed by their livestock farms. As a farmer you can use the internet to search for the required farm equipment and also sell your produce such as eggs and feathers online.

The Benefits Of Raising Ostrich

As you see there are lots of benefits to raising ostriches that a lot of farmers don’t know. But is there space for you too?

Ostrich Farming Market

In the United States it is estimated that in a given year there are around 28 billion pounds of chicken, pork and beef consumed. With these numbers it means that are nearly 3.5 million ostriches that would be needed towards meat production even if it’s one percent share of the meat consumption.

With this being said, you should be aware that there are a few ostrich farmers available to supply this demand giving you the opportunity to cash in big time if you decide to take this opportunity as early as possible.

There is lots of money to be made supplying ostrich meat, since there is not a lot of it available in the market it is very expensive. And as the demand increases more birds will be needed.

The Cons Of Raising Ostrich

But just like with any other livestock animal there can be some cons to getting started with ostrich farming.

When beginning in ostrich farming you will need to have some capital, which means you will have to invest some money. You will need to invest in breeding costs, egg incubators, feed, shelter and fencing, just to name a few.

You will also need some money in getting your ostrich transported, slaughtered and hide tanned. And don’t expect any return in investment until about 3 to 5 years.

Taking Care Of Your Ostrich

In order to raise healthy birds you will have to take extra care of them. By taking extra care of them it means you will have to keep their facilities such as shelter clean, if not chick mortality rate will rise resulting in further delay in profits.

So making sure that your livestock are in good health will also save you a lot in veterinary costs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a veterinary to check on the birds every now and then to make sure they are free of any diseases and reduce the chances of it spreading to other birds.

The cost of getting started with raising ostrich and the long working hours can deter some livestock farmers. However there are great rewards awaiting those who are willing to put some work up front in order to see some results and those results are passive profits for years to come.

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