Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me?

Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me?

Guinea pigs didn’t always have the renowned reputation for being a perfect, quiet pet that doesn’t make much mess. They were used long ago by the Inca tribes of Peru as a source of meat and were bred to do just that.

Guinea pigs are not an animal that is native to North America and therefore, it is speculated and probably true that sailors took the furry critters along on they voyages as pets. It is also speculated that in this, lie the reason for guineas pigs to have gotten the name because the sailors who brought them along as pets also sold the creatures for a ‘guinea’. The guinea pigs also make few sounds but of the ones they do, they squeak and squeal like a baby pig.

How Do Guinea Pigs Live in their Natural Habitat?

Guinea pigs are actually believed to come from South America and there are still many species today that can be found. The guinea pigs of South America are though to be living in very large family groups that can be found living in the foliage and hiding in long grass.

The guinea pigs don’t burrow and hide from other creatures because they hide in grass and trees to escape their enemies. It could be that guinea pigs are just a bit lazy because in their own natural habitat, they borrow holes that are abandoned by other diggers.

Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me?

Guinea pigs temperaments in their own natural environment in South America are much the same as you find in the pet guinea pigs. They are prone to be attacked by carnivorous animals and tend to get frightened very often.

Guinea pigs, as they don’t burrow, have guinea pig babies that are fully furred and born with their eyes open and in as little as two days after birth, are eating the same diet that the parents do. The mother guinea pigs do not find a borrowed burrow either to have the young guinea pigs rather they give birth out in the open with the protection of trees and long grass.

What do Guinea Pigs Look Like?

Guinea pigs most often have the coloring much the same as rabbits do and even bear a slight resemblance to them. They are friendly, cooperative and they don’t dig and rummage through garbage looking for food. Guinea pigs are the perfect pets they require very little space and are contained to one area. These are just a few of the reasons why this fine little creature is probably the best sort of pet to have.

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