How To Raise Sheep For Profit

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I am domesticating sheep which is one more part of agriculture. I started with only 30 sheep’s. Later they became 50 . After selling 30 sheeps only 20 are left with me. This sheeps are completely profitable to me. More than this i am getting fine amount of manure. Iam giving more prominence to organic farming. Iam getting more amount of manure. So iam not purchasing any fertilizer from market.

Sir, do you allow this sheeps to graze in your farmland? Initially I allowed but later they started destroying shrubs So I started stock feeding here to feed them in morning times. During night I allow them to move out. Sir ,do you use sheep’s milk? No, we are not using milk. Milk is used by their own cubs( young ones). Still I planned to purchase some cubs. High yield giving sheep’s milk are also very useful So I planned to purchase cubs to use for dual purpose. For example jamunapuri, telchari varieties of sheep gives 2 litre of milk per day. Even meat of these varieties are in more demand. One more variety in Maharashtra gives 2 cubs per year. Even I planned to purchase that variety too.

Sir, is these all are local variety? This all are local variety. This variety is crossed between bandur and local variety by agriculture university of dharwad. But it is not growing strongly. And in local it is having less demand. This black sheeps are having more demand. Sir, how reproductive development takes place? Here we are having both male and female sheep. Commonly per one year one cub is produced by one sheep Last time one ram was very wild and it was more problematic to our labours. So I sold that ram( tagaru) and purchased new one. Now iam not getting cubs quickly. I planned to purchase one fine variety of ram( tagaru). Commonly one sheep produces one cub per year. When I purchased 30 sheep later they became 50. In this situation there is a need of purchasing good ram, sir. What is the cost of sheep after it is one year old, sir? I purchased cubs when they were 3- 4 months old. How much it was, sir? 2500- 3000 rupees per one cub.

After rearing them upto 1 year it costs nearly 6000- 8000 rupees. Then you got double cost , sir. Yes we get. Then 100% it’s more profitable, sir. Even we can earn more money than double rate. If we sold during times of festivals then we earn still more Money. Iam just feeding them fodder available here. Iam providing different varieties of monocot and dicot plants to them Subabul, glyceridia and some different varieties of plants are provided to sheep. And even iam providing hybrid grass. Local variety of garike( grass) is also provided. I think your expenses are very less, sir. My expense is very less. Iam getting more manure that is beneficial to my farmland.

>>> Click Here For A Recommended Guide To Raising Sheep…


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