Secrets To Successful Goat Milk Farming

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Hey guys it’s Pauline here and I just wanted to share with you how we get 9 gallons a week of raw really awesome goat’s milk from our two goats and I thought it might be helpful to kind of describe like how we came upon the breed that we got so we chose Alpine’s I had watched a video about cheese making I think I forget which one it was but just that in France they’re the one that awesome French Alpine breed just a beautiful goat probably the best milk producing goat. So we milk the goats once a day and they give us, between the two of them, nine gallons.

So the trick my husband is found he experimented lots of different things but what he found was really important was getting up earlier so we started milking the goats like between 6 and 7. And people always say consistency is the key and I’m sure that it is important for sure but he found if he shows up at or he could lose up to a quart and so showing up at you’d get like an extra quart so we’re still kind of experimenting but right now I’m like where does it go does it just leak out like is that why there’s less if you wait longer like you think there’d be more at versus but no that’s not the case I don’t know if they reabsorb it or it just kind of leaks out I’m not sure what happens but going earlier seems to be the trick for us so we milk only once a day which leaves our evenings free that’s super awesome and just going out pretty much right on six o’clock he’s now trained my 12 year old and 11 year old so together they wake up and they go out and milk the goat and we just really praise and encourage that I’m like we don’t it’s on a punishment they don’t do it every single day Derek does they take turns so they don’t feel like it’s a burden and we just really praise them and right now my twelve-year-old daughter she’s making mozzarella cheese for our Friday night pizza night and so we just really like wow thank you Anya Thank You Derek you guys are the reason that we’re having cheese tonight and just really like make it be a positive thing because I heard a story once where a man had to grow up milking the goats and he was like oh I never would have go together in my life like going out in the Michigan cold freezing snow weather and it’s definitely cold here in the morning we have a little heater on in the room it’s not Michigan cold but it’s definitely you know probably laugh at me if you’re from Michigan but it’s like 45 degrees it’s cold for us and so we put a heater on in the little shed that they milk in I’m gonna give you a tour of the goats real quick but the last thing I just want encourage you is when you see my goat pen better done than perfect like this is the mantra of my life perfectionist beware like it waiting until everything is perfect waiting into the moment when you have everything awesome like just get the goats we know like I just felt we should have goats again I miss having goats I missed the raw milk and also I miss just having them I love goats there’s so much fun and so I just like on a whim started googling Alpine goats which are not common in Arizona at all and there was a Creamery going out of business that had these three for sale one is just a little friend she can’t really do milk anymore she’s real old but the other two are producers so let me give you a tour of our goat pen alright folks so what you’re seeing here is two by fours that I definitely mean to paint come spring actually probably sooner than better since I’m pregnant so we’ve had goats for like 10 years now and when we did this I remember it being like the middle of the night like we had to go out of town and we’re trying to get this pen up so I don’t even think there’s cement in the ground like they probably will wear away eventually and we’ll just replace them or whatnot but it’s just some chain-link we had around like Derek just we with the goats baby goats they can climb over a chain-link fence so we had to wire it to this crossbar here so it would keep the fenced out and tight enough that they couldn’t like get a bend now these old ladies here they’re not they’re not real old but they’re not interested in climbing into up over a fence but let’s go in so I’ll show you the gate my husband made okay and for the longest time we would just take this fence here and we would just snag it onto these nails and that was our door like I mean you just like just get started if you have a passion for farming and you want to do it and you’re not a construction person like we are and you didn’t have a lot of money at the time like we didn’t just get it going and so anyway this is the goat he made so they are the the gate he made its just plywood and some hinges I mean you just get inventive when you’re trying to you know make it work and it’s something that’s suitable it’s a nice big pen for them and then of course they can get out and enjoy the acreage you know monitor they would eat my trees up so this is the key from getting out it’s just a latch with that little you call those things but that keeps them from being able to open it so let’s go in so here we are No so mind you again like I said this pen is really old so if we were to redo it now I’d probably do it a lot nicer but hey it’s working and I was able to get my goats right when they were selling for a super good price honestly like it was an insane price like she was just like we need to move kind of a thing so those deals happen and it wasn’t on Craigslist it was just googling and seeing if her place was available so I’m sure the others if you’re someone who likes to see go utters just great big great utters when you’re looking for a goat you definitely want others you can hold not tiny ones that are really small now this they keep knocking the roof off and then goodness in Arizona it rarely rains but like he’d just fixed it and they’ve already pooped all over it and knocked the roof off again but this thing is super old this was part of the original pen and it’s just like obviously plywood but hey it works right and and then we just like right now is about we need to clean this pen out but it this manure is amazing for all of our trees that are dormant right now out there we have our our bare root trees so so that’s it nothing super snazzy like you saw anyone can do this this is not like some you know incredible investment here the fence we had laying on the property from the previous owner and two-by-fours are super cheap at Home Depot and so as a can of paint you can do this and then don’t even worry about clearing out the pen like if you’ve got weeds in here the goats would love you for life they’ll just eat away you know anything you’ve got laying on the ground Oh let’s go interview the man himself a husband how strong he is I could never even lift this huge piece of plywood he does it so effortlessly he’s so strong so funny how the goats are always interested in everything okay so while you’re doing this tell us what is the secret to getting the maximum amount of milk that you have found you can work don’t let us stop those times that you milk them and consistent with your feed and nutrition and everything else what do you feed them in the morning between two girls what are they get in the morning when you know they’re getting a couple flakes the whole day long or just no in the morning Oh in the morning so each of them in their little trough they get a flake yes what half a flake is really there’s three of them technically okay so in the standing they get half a flake and they get in here do they get fed so the whole day long how many flakes do they get total for all day long and we’re not feeding grain so obviously that’s gonna be a little different for someone who’s being grain just be careful about parasites and things because that’s gonna make an acidic body in the goat so we don’t were more we’ve never were under to anything like that and our goats are super healthy I really think grain is one of the biggest problems any other secrets million early you mentioned that nothing early so well whatever they were started with so the previous owners off because they had him on during the early in the morning and I just started consistently doing at the same time and I noticed that if I fluctuate in time it would affect the milk production okay if I altered their feed that would again fluctuate their milk production so just try to came to see consistently same amount of feed same amount of milk same times I feed them same times I milk them everything just seems to be really consistent and then if you vary things if you want to see if you can produce more milk you might try increasing food or different types of food and introduced into their their diet without them being too fat them right I did try I have tried upping how much they’re getting and then scaling back how much they’re getting and some days actually didn’t really matter the fact that was they got less or more but what I’ve noticed is right about where I’m at right now is where I like that’s how much I like to have them and the old lady here she likes to steal everyone’s food right so you had to do like when you feed them you have to split it between three different things those two blue ones and then this trough and now they finally learned right like they don’t fight anymore they will each go to their own little place so they’re each getting the proper amount of food okay well thank you so much for your just want to show the stanchion real quick you’ve probably seen many stanchions this almost totally like a youtube special someone had a video and maybe they have plans but it’s all like plywood and two-by-fours the only modification we made was it was a grain box and so obviously since we only feed alfalfa he had to raise up the sides and this is just like scrap wood like you don’t have to go around and by professional expensive stuff this seriously did not cross Lemony we made it and it’s whether it sat on an Arizona Sun for probably ten years and look at silh works great I think the only thing he had to remake was the key so this comes over oops this comes over okay it’s not the right key but it works this comes over and shuts their neck in so they can’t get their head out and then you put the key in which this doesn’t fit but he makes it work whatever cuz it’s all about whatever like just get it going just getting started this was originally a toolshed and we got the goats so fast it was so cool we want to have a heater spinach chicken coop at one time yeah you know the chicken coop air for men they became into a shed and now it is a goat milking place because it’s cool can occasionally on a very rare date ring well I hope this blessed you and I hope you go out and live life abundantly enjoy your farm or homestead or homestead dreams whichever you’re working on and if you have some goat tips if you’re doing something that’s getting lots of milk from your cow or goat or sheep or whatever you’re milking feel free to post in the comments below I’m sure that’ll help the viewers who are watching and listening and thanks so much for tuning in don’t forget to hit subscribe and I’ll talk to you next week Derek I’ve logged in to go pen how do I get out I think I’m locked in with the goats I might have to sleep here now how do I get out of the goat pen stick your hand around it yeah apparently everyone’s got longer arms than me apparently everyone has skinnier arms and me all right we’re free.

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